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focus st 16161
focus st 16161

Converting a Base Ford Focus to have Sync 3

So you want to upgrade your base Focus ST/SE/Titanium to have SYNC 3…

Congratulations, you just found a wealth of information on how to convert your base model Focus to have the beautiful Sync 3 system. Let’s start with the truth that Ford doesn’t want you to know… you can 100% convert your base model Ford Focus ST/SE/Titanium to have Sync 3. All it takes is the right parts, a conversion harness, and a bit of programming know-how (don’t worry, I’ll teach you this). 

Let’s get one thing straight… this upgrade is solely meant for Focus’s manufactured between 2012 and 2018. Now, let’s get into it. 

Cars from 2012-2014 & 2015+ have one major difference when it comes to upgrading from the 4″ screen to the 8″ screen. On the 2012-2014 Ford Focus, the bezel is a completely different shape from the 15+ bezel, and has a center button that contains both a hazard switch and a door lock switch. On the 2015+ cars, this bezel only has a hazard switch!

Keep an eye out when you’re making your purchases in prep for your conversion that you get the right bezel. Having a different button there also means that you need a **slightly** different conversion harness. These harnesses are essentially the same, but have different pins to accommodate for the central locking and hazard switch feature.

If you purchase your harness through us here at, select your model year and we’ll make sure you’re completely set up with the correct conversion harness.

Now, take a look at what you need for your conversion below. You can watch this video for a breakdown of what you’ll need in terms of parts.

Parts you’ll need for a successful conversion.

1. A Sync 3 ® Screen & APIM

You can get these out of pretty much any 2016+ Ford Vehicle equipped with Sync 3 ®. Make sure to know the difference between a Sync 3 ® Screen and APIM and Sync 2 ® Screen and APIM before purchasing!

These are fairly simple and inexpensive to come by on eBay… also call up your local junkers and see if they have one they can sell you (play dumb and you might get a deal).

2. A Sony Facia/Trim Piece for Your Model Year

Pre-facelift models (2012-2014) have the Lock Button & Hazard Switch Combined, while facelift models (2015-2018) simply have a single hazard button. 

3. Ford Focus Screen Brackets

These attach to the side of the screen to mount the screen to the plastic bracket the mounts into the car). If you’re buying from eBay, ensure that the seller says it will fit a 2013+ Ford Focus.

There are lots of types of brackets. If you’re buying a whole screen assembly out of a Focus, you’ll probably get these with your order.

4. Main Screen & ACM Mounting Bracket

If you’re looking outside of a junkyard, you’ll be looking for part number: CV6Z-58042A82-A

The best deal you’re going to get for this part is hands-down going to be at Tasca Auto Parts

Buy From Tasca auto parts

5. Updated Apple Carplay/Android Auto USB Hub

This is the hub that I use on all my customer’s vehicles. You might be able to score a better price at your local junker or parts counter at a dealer near you.

If the Amazon product showcase isn’t showing up here, please click here to see the product on Amazon.

6. FAKRA GPS Module

7. 6ft Mini USB Male to Mini USB Male Cable

This cable connects your APIM & your USB hub to each other. This will be run down the center console to your new USB hub.

8. 5ft Mini USB Male to Mini USB Female Extension Cable

Get this if you want to retain your front USB port operation on your 2015+ Focus. This cable goes from your new center console hub to the front port.

This is the one I recommend for my customers:

If the Amazon product showcase isn’t showing up here, please click here to see the product on Amazon.

9. Sync 3 ® Conversion Harness

If you’ve found the information on my site helpful, please consider purchasing a conversion harness from my store and not from the knock-offs on eBay, etc… also, when you buy from us here at you get free programming files for FORScan to make getting up and running as easy as possible.

This is the one I designed first back in 2018 & still use for all my customers today:

Watch How to Convert your Base Focus to Sync 3

Sync 3 Upgrade Tutorial for a 2012-2014 Ford Focus

Sync 3 Upgrade Tutorial for a 2015-2018 Ford Focus

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