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DIY Sync 3 Upgrades for everyone.

At NaviUpgrade.com, we believe that everyone should feel empowered to easily upgrade their car that they've worked so hard for. While Ford dealerships tell you no, and other shops give ludicrous prices, we stand in the middle to teach and inform our customers not only that it's possible, but how to do the Sync upgrade themselves. 

Join us on our journey of empowering automotive enthusiasts all over the world updating their old and out of date entertainment systems to the latest and greatest.

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The NaviUpgrade Way.

NaviUpgrade's goal is this -- to teach people how to do upgrades the cheapest and easiest way possible. This means teaching what parts to source and how to do DIY Installation & Programming.

Why don't you carry full upgrade kits for vehicles?

The simplest reason is: money. This is something that affects both you and us. It's much cheaper for us to have less hardware stock -- hardware is expensive and margins are low, so we'd rather teach you what to find at a junkyard or on eBay to complete your project rather than rip you off with overpriced product packages like our competitors. 

What if I don't feel comfortable installing myself?

While we do provide many videos on installation and programming, we can understand feeling overwhelmed by the process. 

If you're in the Southern California area and would like help with your install, feel free to shoot us an email and we'd be happy to help out for a small fee.

Where is your business located?

Want to support a small, local, US business? We're based in sunny Los Angeles, California. 

This means that you can expect quick shipping -- typically delivery within 2-3 days for most locations, along with customer support on your time. We even offer text message support if you run into a snag while you're installing your system.

Got another question? That's okay, shoot 'em our way!

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Hey, I'm Brian.

I'm the Founder of NaviUpgrade.com. I've always been passionate about cars and tinkering with electronics. When I bought my first new car, a Base 2017 Ford Focus ST, I knew that I had to do something about the small 4" screen. It was horrible. Dash kits were ugly and all-in-one Chinese Android kits were prone to stop working after a matter of months.

I didn't have any other options other than Sync 3, so I hopped on the forums where everyone told me it wasn't possible to swap it in. My disbelief of what the forum-goers told me led me on my very own NaviUpgrade journey.

After successfully being the first Focus owner to swap the system, I started taking my knowledge and helping others complete their projects easier, by making plug and play harnesses by hand. Now, in just two years I've helped 100+ passionate Ford owners upgrade their vehicles to have high-quality factory navigation systems in cars that were never supposed to have them. 

Are you ready to start your NaviUpgrade journey? Check out our resources to learn more about the process and watch videos on our conversions.
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