Sync 3 Update USB Drive

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The easiest way to update your Sync 3 system to the latest Sync 3 version and latest Sync 3 maps.


A Sync 3.4 Update USB is ONLY valid if your vehicle has been equipped with a Sync 3 upgrade kit. If your vehicle does not have an upgrade kit, please view our Sync 2 to Sync 3 upgrade kits in our store.

If your vehicle is model year 2020 or newer and came equipped with a version of Sync 3.4, DO NOT purchase this update as it will brick your current Sync 3 system.

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This is the easiest way to update your Sync 3 unit to the latest Sync version. You will be shipped a USB flash drive that you plug into your USB Hub. The process takes around 8 minutes for Non-Factory Navigation and 28 minutes for Factory Navigation.

Navigation APIMs will be updated to the latest maps and Gracenotes versions that are available at the time of purchase.

  1. Misael B. (verified owner)

    An absolute must. The time taken to watch “how to” videos and troubleshooting, when they don’t go as planned, is already worth buying this. It was as simple as plugging it in, waiting 10 – 15 mins for the update and enjoying the new features.

    For my 2015 Fiesta ST Sync 2 to Sync 3 upgrade.

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  2. William Wallace (verified owner)

    This was a seamless sync 3 upgrade! Worked first attempt just as advertised. I’m very pleased with the results!

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  3. John C. (verified owner)

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  4. MARK (verified owner)

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  5. Sherry (verified owner)

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