Bricked Sync 3 APIM Module Unbricking Service

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If you have a bricked APIM module, this is probably what you’re looking for.

Our service unbricks your module, updates it, jailbreaks it, and mods it to your desires… then we get it back to you, quickly!


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Did you try to update a MY20 module, only to end up with a black screen?

We’ve been there too. Fortunately, we have learned how to unbrick them! We’re more than happy to help you unbrick your Sync 3 APIM.

During this process, we will be reformatting your module and updating it to the latest version, with the latest available maps package.

This process will also automatically ‘Jailbreak’ your module. We’re including the installation of mods, other than themes and custom backgrounds… for free!

Here’s the process after you purchase the service.

  1. We send you a USPS flat rate shipping label via e-mail for a USPS Small Flat Rate Box (fits an APIM Module with some bubble wrap padding, perfectly)!
  2. Remove the APIM from your vehicle. We just need the APIM Module, no screen or anything else, just the module.
  3. Package it up in a USPS Small Flat Rate box with our label, and get it on its way to us.
  4. We disassemble your module to access pins on the board.
  5. Using Linux, we run a script to force load a jailbroken version of the reformat utility onto the unit.
  6. The module comes back to life, we reassemble the unit, update it, finish jailbreaking it, and install any mods you desire.
  7. We ship the module back to you, with a signature required.
  8. You reinstall the module, happy as a clam that you didn’t have to buy a new module!

We have pretty quick turnarounds, and typically try to get the module on its way back to you the same, or next day.

You should only be out of an infotainment system for your vehicle for around 3-7 days, depending on where you are in the US.

You’re probably thinking… damn, that’s expensive!

Here’s our cost breakdown:

$ Processing Fees (~5%): $12.50
Shipping (both ways): $22.00
Unbricking time: ~30 minutes
Time to update: ~30 minutes for nav modules
Time to install mods: 20-30 minutes.
Time to repack & take to post office: 20 minutes

vs the cost for a module from my store:
$350-550 for a Gen 3 (MY18.5) Module
$450-650 for a Gen 4 (MY20) Module

Ford generally charges between $800-1200 for new modules.

I really don’t want to make this feel like a rip-off to you, as this is an extremely time consuming, skillful task to offer my customers that takes away from my other day-to-day business activities.



Weight15 oz
Dimensions7 × 5 × 1 in

  1. Nathan Peaster (verified owner)

    TALK ABOUT A LIFESAVER!!! For a mere fraction of the cost Ford would charge you your APIM is back to normal and working flawlessly. The value provided with this service is amazing! The turnaround time was super fast and the APIM was even updated from 3.0 to 3.4 which is exactly what I was trying to do when I bricked it. Brian was very communicative and helpful through the entire process, he even reached out before shipping to ensure I did not want any extra mods done for free. I HIGHLY recommend this service if you have a bricked APIM!!!!

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  2. Nicholas Thompson (verified owner)

    Fixed my unit and had it shipped back with super fast!

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  3. Jeffrey Dahlgren (verified owner)

    I bricked my MY20+ APIM when I wasn’t careful trying to upgrade my Sync 3 from the troublesome 3.4.22251 to 3.4.23188.
    I feared I’d be spending $650 or more on a new non-Chinese APIM, but found this service. Glad I did. I sent my APIM out and had it back in 9 days. Installed and it works perfect. Seems quicker now, and upgraded my map, too. Thank you, Brian! $200 well spend.

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  4. Steven Lawrence (verified owner)

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