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Line-Level Subwoofer Harness for 2012+ Fords


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The NaviUpgrade Line-Level Subwoofer Harness for 2012+ Fords allows any user to add a subwoofer to their vehicle without the need for an expensive and muddy-sounding Line-Out converter. With our Low-Level harnesses, you're able to get clean, crisp audio directly out of your stock Ford audio equipment with our speaker harness, and a little bit of programming magic (files provided).

This Harness is ONLY for vehicles equipped with an HD Radio ACM. If you're not sure if your vehicle is equipped, you can take your system apart and look for both a yellow and a black connector on the back of your cd player. If there is just a single black connector, this harness will not work with your vehicle and would require an upgraded ACM (CD Player).

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