Easy Sony DSP Bypass Kit for Aftermarket Amplifiers

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Brand: NaviUpgrade

NaviUpgrade is very excited to introduce the very first simple, plug, play, program Sony DSP bypass kit for Ford vehicles! Our kit is designed to make installing a high quality amplifier into premium model car a breeze! We have the only full aftermarket DSP bypass kit, meaning you don’t need to use a Line-Out Converter to power a nice amp system in your car.

First, we tap into the APIM and ACM to allow Sync voice prompts to be sent through the ACM, not directly to the Sony DSP. This ACM tap also has two RCAs coming off of it so you can run line-level subwoofer RCA cables back to your new aftermarket amplifier. For the simplest experience, we created a connector that takes the factory 4 channel wiring and converts these to male RCA’s for a direct plug-and-play connection to your aftermarket amp.

We even include a factory speaker wire harness pigtail to easily send high-level, amplified sound directly through your factory wiring to your speakers!

This kit will work with ANY Ford model car that is equipped with the Sony DSP (Digital Sound Processor) Amplifier.

Programming is required — files are included to change your Sync 2 or Sync 3 APIM & ACM to output Line-Levels and send voice-prompts through the ACM.

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  1. anthony napolitano (verified owner)

    It makes adding a 4 or 5 chanell amp really easy. Though for whatever reason my specific car can’t use the sub out so I had to run an eq along with the amp.

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