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    Easy Sync 2 to Sync 3 Upgrade for Ford & Lincoln

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    • Sync 3 Display

      This is a used 8" Sync 3 Non-Recessed Screen that can be used for upgrading from Sync 2 to Sync 3.

    • Sync 3 APIM

      NaviUpgrade Sync 3 APIMs are availible in both Navigation and Non-Navigation formats. We offer a jailbreaking service to allow the installation of mods such a as a video player and customer backgrounds at purchase.

    • Sync 3 Apple CarPlay Enabled USB Hub

    • USB Hub Wiring Adapter Harness

      This small, but very handy adapter allows you to pull existing power from your current Sync 2 USB hub and adapt it to supply power to the upgraded Apple Carplay/Android Auto Sync 3 USB hub.

    • Sync 2 to Sync 3 Media Hub Adapter

      This hub adapter allows you to perfectly place your new Sync 3 hub in where your large Sync 2 Media hub sits.

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    This is a Sync 3 upgrade kit that is configurable for any Ford that is currently equipped with Sync 2. The kit includes everything you need to upgrade and comes preprogrammed to work in your vehicle! In this kit you'll receive a Sync 3 APIM, touch screen, a LVDS cable, a FAKRA GPS module, a Genuine Ford USB hub, and a hub power wiring adapter. If your vehicle requires, you'll also receive a Hub Sizing Adapter Plate. Factory Navigation is optional for an additional fee.

    Not sure what to get? Check out our Compatibility tab to see what your vehicle is compatible with!

    It's never been easier to upgrade your vehicle from Sync 2 to Sync 3! Simply remove your existing screen and APIM along with your USB hub, and replace with the components from our kit. You'll love being able to utilize Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on your vehicle's new infotainment screen!


    This upgrade kit is compatible with any vehicle that is equipped with Sync 2 and would like to upgrade to Sync 3 to have functioning Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.

    Sync 3 Conversion Display Compatibility Chart

    8.0" Standard Mount 8.0" Recessed Mount 6.5" Standard Mount
    CMAX (2013-2015) Edge (2011-2015) Fiesta (2014-2015)
    Escape (2013-2015) Explorer (2011-2016) Transit (2015)
    Expedition (2015) F-150 (2013-2014) Transit Connect (2015-2016)
    F-150 (2015) F-250 (2013-2016)
    Focus (2012-2015) F-350 (2013-2016)
    Fusion (2013-2016) Flex (2013-2015)
    Mustang (2015) Taurus (2013-2015)
    MKS (2013-2015)
    MKT (2013-2015)
    MKX (2011-2016)

    If your vehicle has a second USB port that is detached from your main USB hub, please select a SINGLE PORT USB Hub.

    If your vehicle only has one set of USB ports that are located at the main hub, please select DUAL PORT USB Hub.

    Hub Wiring Adapter Selection Chart

    Vehicle GEN 1 GEN  2 v1 GEN 2 v2
    C-MAX 2013-2014 2015
    Edge 2011-2014 2015
    Escape 2011-2015
    Expedition 2015
    Explorer 2011-2013 2014-2015
    F-150 2013-2014 2015
    F-250+ 2013-2016
    Fiesta 2013 2014-2015
    Flex 2013-2014 2015
    Focus 2012-2014 2015
    Fusion 2013-2015
    Mustang 2015
    Taurus 2013-2015
    Transit 2014 2015

    If you need a GEN1 adapter harness, you'll need a Sync 2 to Sync 3 USB Hub Sizing Adapter

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